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Financial Planning-is it Easy?

By Shea Newton | December 6, 2021

Over the years I have gained lots of experience in financial planning with seeing so many different scenarios-not one person’s situation is the same. Also, the CFP(R) curriculum consists of an education piece that really lays out a great framework in the Financial Planning process. When you start with a good framework that has pieces that can be replicated and add real life situations to this framework, it becomes second nature.

Capital Gains Distributions

By Shea Newton | November 29, 2021

As we are approaching the end of the tax year, you may start seeing some capital gains distributed by some of the investments you hold-mainly mutual funds.

What Are you Grateful For?

By Shea Newton | November 22, 2021

It is Thanksgiving week and I thought it would be nice to step away from talking about money and finances and be grateful for the people and things in our lives that money cannot buy. I’ll start. I have so much abundance in my life that I am grateful for. I could not ask for […]

IRA’s With Alternative Assets And The IRS Crackdown

By Shea Newton | November 15, 2021

You may have seen headlines recently about proposals to crack down on IRA’s with large balances and alternative assets. More specifically, Paypal founder Peter Theil has really been in the spotlight with his ROTH IRA balance of $5 billion due to the appreciation of his Paypal stock and then subsequent investments.

Charitable Giving

By Shea Newton | November 8, 2021

If you are charitably inclined, what is the most tax efficient way to give to those charities?

Let us start with standard deduction versus itemized deductions. Your itemized deductions must exceed your standard deduction for any tax benefit. There is a caveat for 2021, cash donations up to $300 for single filers and $600 for Married Filing Joint are allowed as above the line deductions.

Year End Planning

By Shea Newton | November 1, 2021

Wow, I cannot believe it is November already. This means the winter holidays are approaching, cooler weather is coming and so is the end of the tax year. Following is a list of items to consider when wrapping up the year:

What Do Women Want In Finance?

By Shea Newton | October 26, 2021

According to the Forbes article, “The Four Things Women Want (in Financial Services),” women want the following: – more confidence with their finances, more convenience, better communication, and better collaboration.

The FIRE Movement – Or choices?

By Shea Newton | October 18, 2021

Let’s start with what FIRE stands for—Financial Independence, Retire Early. Isn’t this what everyone wants? I have a theory about how this movement started. There has been a lot of research in the financial planning space and trying to figure out how much you need in investment assets and how much you can take out over the course of your retirement (safe withdrawal rate) without running out of money.

How to Choose a Self-Employed Retirement Plan

By Shea Newton | October 11, 2021

The first step to deciding which retirement plan to choose for your self-employment income is figuring out the amount that you think you will be able to contribute. From that point, then you can choose which vehicle may work best for you.

What is Tax Planning?

By Shea Newton | October 4, 2021

Tax planning is considering your whole situation and making any necessary changes or decisions before the tax year is complete. Think of it as forward looking. When you prepare your tax return, you are looking backwards at things that have already happened and figuring out any credits or deductions that you can take based on things you cannot change.

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